Thank you so much for your order. Please make sure to allow for up to 3 weeks for your collage delivery.
Also, if your senior night is on Dec. 5, please request a need by date of Dec. 1 to allow for shipping delays beyond both of our control.

If possible, please send the image file in their “original” format if possible - preferably without edits or compression (i.e. avoid downloaded FB images). Smartphone photos or camera images are great!

Please note:
You will receive a proof of your collage and have multiple opportunities to request changes before your physical collage ships.

You will give final approval before the final collage is created. At that time, no additional revisions can be made.

Here are the image submission parameters:

For 12 Inch collages - please submit 20 images max per number.
For 15 Inch collages - please submit 25 images max per number.
For 18 Inch collages - please submit 30 images max per number.
For 24 Inch collages - please submit 35 images max per number.
For 30 Inch collages - please submit 40 images max per number.
For 36 Inch collages - please submit 45 images max per number.
Your browser, unfortunately, is not supported by Flow.js. The library requires support for the HTML5 File API along with file slicing.
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