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Share your story
We love it when you share your stories with us, whether it's in store or on the phone. Unfortunately, others don't get to hear those great stories too! We'd love to share some of your stories on our website, social media and emails like this one. Would you please consider sharing a video of yourself explaining the great results you have seen from following our program? Simply use your cell phone to take a video of yourself, and then upload it on our website using the button below. We will only use your first name when sharing the videos to protect your privacy.

Video Requirements:
1. Please film in landscape (horizontal) orientation.
2. Please say your name and that Healthy for Life has permission to use this video testimonial on any media platform.
3. Share your TRUE story about how Healthy for Life has helped you. This may be things like improved blood work, healing from a problem, weight loss, diabetes care, feeling better, more energy, depression, healthier hair and skin, or anything else that you have experienced as a result of following our program.
4. Videos can be as long as you need, but should be at least 30 seconds in length. Try to convey your story in less than 2 minutes. If you need longer that is ok, but for most people 30 seconds to 2 minutes will probably be adequate.
5. Please don't have copyrighted items in the background, such as a company logo. For example, don't film in front of a Harley Davidson sign.
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