Welcome to our upload page for your artwork.

Please upload artwork AFTER placing your order. All files must have your order number as file name - e.g: #1234.png #1234.jpeg #1234.pdf

All files need to be either png, jpeg or PDF - if your logo has a solid colour background please also supply HEX Code where possible

Phone app logo artwork will no longer be accepted due to poor quality issues - logos and artwork designed at 300dpi - Adobe, Corel, Publisher, Inkscape (free) are all good programs

If we cannot allocate artwork to a customer due to incorrect file name, artwork will be deleted and an email request sent to you asking for artwork - this delays the process and pushes your order back so please save in the correct format.

If you are unable to upload artwork for any reason please send it via email to
Your browser, unfortunately, is not supported by Flow.js. The library requires support for the HTML5 File API along with file slicing.
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